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Welcome, this is The Cake Decorating Company supplies news feed. This feed is updated weekly and will bring you information on our latest products.

Edible Printing

Our new selection of improved edible icing sheets are now available online and in store for all your printing needs! From packets to use at home with your edible printer, to our bespoke in-house printing services, these sheets are easy to remove from the acetate backing sheet and have a high quality finish. Browse our Edible Imaging supplies now.

New Products This Week

Agbay Advanced Cake Leveller
3D Demitasse Cup And Saucer Mould By Petal Craft
3D Teacup And Teaspoon Mould By Petal Craft
3D Teapot Mould By Petal Craft
Teapot Set In Gumpaste DVD By Petal Craft

New Cake Lace Colours: Launched at the Cake & Bake Show 2013, these revolutionary colours are one-of-a-kind, there are 5 new colours added to the collection:

Pearlised White

The Gold, Silver and Pearlised White come in a ready made mix, simply take some from the tub and spread onto your mat. The Red and Black are still in the part A and part B process but acheive a true-to-life colour where many other methods fail.

Nowhere else in the UK has anything quite like this!

Sugarflair Pastel Pastes: Now you can enjoy an additional 10 new pastel shades from Sugarflair! add a small amount for pastel shades or add extra for a more virbrant shade. Additionally you can enjoy all of these colours in a pack which saves you a fiver! check out the Sugarflair range here.

New-In Silicone Moulds: What a treat we have in store for you! Our first brand new, patent-pending range by Make Your Own Moulds features Silicone Onlays. A thin Silicone Mould which provides a neat alternative to stencilling and will guarantee a perfect result everytime. View our full range.

Brand new and just in time for summer, our Petal Crafts high quality Silicone Moulds offer a wide variety of beach themed toppers, including Seashells, Flip-Flops and Starfish.

Sugarflair Colours: We now stock a large range of: Blossom Tint, Edible Lustre, Edible Transfers, Maximum Contrated Paste, Spectral and Tartranil Pastes.

Dinkydoodle Airbrush Stencils: A fantastic new range of food grade 10ml Airbrushing stencils, includes a unique 2-part stencil silhouette effect or outline effect for your cake. Perfect to use with the Dinkydoodle Airbrushing range.

Silicone Marvelous Moulds: We welcome some stunning new additions to our Make Your Own Molds Collection. Working with some of the biggest names in cake decorating, Dominic Palazzolo and his team has made some floorless Silicone Moulds so that you can make show stopping cakes too. Some new pieces: Mini Majestic Tiara, Marina Sousa Jewelled, Marina Sousa Bling Squared, Earlene Sheila, Mini Fleur De Lis, Earlene Karla, Aligator Skin Embossing Impression Mat With Elisa Strauss, Marina Sousa Geometrics Buttons, Earlene Viola, Marina Sousa Regal Buttons and last but not least, the Wine Bottle Mould Making Kit.



cake decorating courses

Cake Decorating Courses

Many to choose from: Nothing is difficult when you know how and cake decorating is no exception. We hold a variety of courses almost daily which bring you face-to-face with the experts and their experience. All courses are taught in small groups so that you get one to one coaching which are available on all aspects of cake decorating. We provide you with the tools and know-how. All you have to do is soak up the knowledge of excellent cake decorators. We hold courses at different times of the day and all days of the week so you can take an evening class or one during the weekend to fit around your work schedule or other responsibilities. If there is an aspect of cake decorating that you need help with and you cannot find the right course we also offer individual coaching from it basics to starting your own cake business. Please take a look at the range of current courses. [Click Here]

the mat

Cake Decorating Wow Products

THE MAT For those of you in the cake decorating world that already know us it's a given that we are always on the lookout for new and innovative cake decorating products. Enter THE MAT a revolutionary food grade cake decorating product which makes rolling out icing and cover your cake very easy. We have included a demo video on the products page which will show you how to use it. Covering a cake in icing can be a difficult task as the rolled out icing does not have a lot of tensile strength so lifting your icing by the edge is likely to tear the icing sending you back to square one. The fundamental cake decorating technique of covering your cake in icing works with THE MAT by becoming its support while lifting and positioning the rolled out sheet of icing. The steps are as follows lay one of the TWO sheets of food grade vinyl. Put the icing in the centre of the sheet. Place the second layer of THE MAT on the top. Roll out the icing to the desired shape. Peel off the top layer of THE MAT. Position the icing on the cake. Peel back the first layer of THE MAT. Smooth the icing into place. Your cake is now ready to decorate with the many unique cake decorations that we have here at The Cake Decorating Company. Enjoy! [View The Mat Here]

silicone plastique

Silicone Plastique

Make Your Own Moulds imagine that you could make a mould from anything. Suddenly your local toy shop becomes an inspiration source for decorating cakes as you can make an edible sugar paste copy from anything. Silicone Plastique gives you that freedom when creating your design. It's easy to use. Just mix an equal amount of part A and B until they are fully combined. You then have a full 20 minutes of working time before the 1 hour cure time (at room temperature) kicks in. After that hour you have a platinum grade silicone mould that can be used over and over again. [Silicone Plastique]

Cake Decorations

We can honestly say that our collection of cake decorations is unique. The reason is that we look every day for new products and work to become the distributer for new brands. If you have found us looking for a stockist in the UK of a cake decoration or tools just let us know and we will do the leg work to bring it to the UK. When buying cake decorations from abroad the costs of shipping and import are high but we can reduce the cost of this and offer near to original prices as we import in large quantities. Please send us an E-mail using the "Contact us" page of our site if you would like us to represent one of your products.

lorann oils

LorAnn Oils

Welcome to the UK home of LorAnn Oils, whilst looking for powerful food flavourings we stumbled upon these tiny bottles of mega flavour concentrate. We contacted LorAnn for some samples and got to speak with the creator who impressed us with the range, so we asked for some samples and the response was amazing. The oils are diverse and with the exception of just a couple, the flavourings do not contain water so they are perfect for most culinary applications from baking to chocolate. The ingredients are all non perishable so even though we are sure that you will use up your supplies in all your baking projects the more obscure flavours such as horehound will not go off. 1 dram is equal to 3.697ml but you need the tiniest amount to flavour a batch of cupcakes.[Lorann Oils]

Cake Decorating Supplies

Cake Decorating Cupcake and Cake Supplies

Cake Push Ups: We have scoured the cake world and beyond and have created a unique catalog of edible cake decorations from edible glitter to edible ribbons, as well as many tools to help you make and shape your creations and add effects which will charm even the most seasoned baker.

Cake Decorations: Our products are imported and produced by us which means that you are unlikely to find them anywhere else in the UK and also makes it possible to for us to give you the best prices compared to other UK cake suppliers. We offer wholesale on all of our products to professional cake companies as well as bulk discounts for home bakers. If you are interested in wholesale drop us a line with your company details and we will send you an individually tailored price list so that you can begin using our range of products quickly.

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SuppliesCookie moulds

Chocolate Making

Our selection of chocolate making products is growing by the day; we have found some very exciting new products like cookie moulds. Using melted chocolate and Merckens Candy Meltss which is a sort of chocolate wafer to create fabulous chocolate covered Oreos and other delicious chock treats. We have a full how to guide on the Cookie Moulds pages showing you step by step how to create chocolates with a coloured emblem. Another great product range is the chocolate transfer sheet collection of more than 40 different patterns which is accompanied by video and written instructions on exactly how to achieve a perfect pattern on chocolates. You can use any colour or flavour of chocolate transfer sheet according to which design you would like to use.

[ Chocolate Transfer Sheets ] [ Airbrushing ] [Food Flavouring

Cake decorating logo


We have teamed up with Sugarveil's Michelle Hester to bring the astonishing products of Sugarveil to the U.K. Words alone cannot describe all of the stunning possibilities that the products of Sugarveil can create, so we have added the Sugarveil channel to our products page which you can view using the Sugarveil link at the bottom of this section. Be warned watching the video is seriously addictive! [Sugarveil]