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Baking Cases & Cups

Encase your cakes with pretty baking cases and cups and choose from almost 300 different cupcake cases, in all sorts of colours, designs and in pack sizes from 25 to 500!

Available in paper, card and foil, achieve batch baking perfection by restocking on packs of 500 cupcake cases in colours both soft & gentle and bright & cheery, including burgundy, cerise, lime, mulberry and more.

Feeling nostalgic for those homebaked fairy cakes and mini choc chip muffins? Browse our packs of polka dot, pleated and gingham patterned classics for creating homely delights for all the family.

When you’re in the spirit for seasonal sensations, we’ve got Halloween, Valentines Day and Christmas themed cupcake cases for your spooky pumpkin muffins, romantic fairy cakes and festive mini iced fruit cakes, as well as a wide range of tasteful cupcake case designs for other momentous occasions too.

PME’s glossy gold and silver mini baking cases come in packs of 45 and will sure bring a sparkle to your personalised cupcakes at christenings, graduations and more. Available in various tasteful shades and patterns, our classic white cupcake cases are perfect for indulgent wedding creations.

Enjoy making cupcakes with your kids? We have packs of 60 rainbow striped cases from PME for icing and sprinkling those mini cupcakes, as well as bear themed silicone baking cases for reusable fun.

Serve up your cupcakes with Paper Eskimo’s range of cups; striped and in baby blue or lollypop pink, the cups are suitable for both boys and girls birthday parties in bumper packs of 12. You can also go beyond just cupcakes and muffins; set your mini cheesecakes and offer ice creams and other frozen treats at parties with Paper Eskimo black and blue spotted & striped cupcake cases.

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