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Cake Push Ups

In packs of 3, 12, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and even 1000, we have a sizeable range of clear plastic round, heart and daisy shaped cake push ups suitable for weddings, valentines and birthday parties, as well as Halloween and Christmas too!

Affordable and versatile, The Cake Decorating Company’s round cake push ups come in pack sizes from 3 up to 1000 and are suitable for both home baking cake decorators trialling mini lemon cupcakes, as well as seasoned professional cake decorating caterers producing their next batch of beautiful marzipan covered rolls. Suitable for sprinkling and adding buttercream to mini walnut cakes and lemon drizzles, our round push pops can also be frozen up to 40°C and so are suitable for small portions of strawberry ice cream too!

For a bit more variety, you can decorate your miniature cherry bakewells and victoria sandwiches with whatever toppings you’d like using our daisy shaped cake push ups, suitable for baby showers in packs of 3 to 100.

Better yet if your little ones are having a pirate themed birthday, our pack of 12 pirate themed cake push ups come with stick on wrappers and gems, and will certainly enhance your mini nougat, rocky road and other treasures inside!

Also in packs of 12 with stickers to add, Halloween and Christmas themed push pops will make sure that your chocolate orange lollipops, mini fruit cakes and other delicious mouthfuls will go down a treat at spooky parties and festive family reunions.

Finally, for romantic occasions such as Valentines Day and anniversaries, you can lace those mini chocolate gateau with personalised messages for you and your loved one to share with our heart shaped cake push pops.

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