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100% Cocoa Butter Callebaut Finest - 300g


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Callebaut Finest 100% Cocoa Butter - 300g

Barry Callebaut is the largest producer of the finest chocolate world wide and has been producing Chocolate for more than 150 years.

Adjusting the Viscosity of the Chocolate.

Questions from customers:

Q: Will this colour white chocolate?

A: Callebaut cocoa butter will not colour white chocolate.

Tempered chocolate is slightly viscous.  The degree of its viscosity determines how much chocolate will cling to a dipped piece. If the chocolate is very viscous the coating will be thick and if the chocolate is runny the coating will be thin. In most circumstances the tempered chocolate you produce with your machine will give satisfactory results; however if you need to adjust the viscosity this is what you do:
If the chocolate pool is slightly too thick, you can add a small amount of cocoa butter to thin it. 

Have you tried Cocoa Butter yet? Such a fab product for painting on cakes with and adding to chocolate to thin it down for use in chocolate moulds.

Did you know you can paint with pure cocoa butter? By adding powder colours you can create a variety of shades with which to explore the endless design possibilities od working in an art medium you can actually eat.

Melt a small amount of cocoa butter in a suitable container over a bowl of boiled water  from a kettle. Add your chosen coloured powder to the melted mix. keeping the palette in the water whilst you paint will help keep the cocoa butter from solidifying, ad a few drops of flavourless oil to the mix will help the paint from drying on the brush.

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