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10 January 2015

Came very quickly within 24 hours and well packaged.

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Orange Americolor Powdered Food Colouring 3g


Product Code: 2193

Americolor Orange Powdered Food Coloring 3 g

The ultimate in strength and versatility. Used in chocolates, dry mixes and many other applications where water is prohibited. Use sparingly as powdered colors are extremely concentrated and may stain clothing, hands, or mouth. This food color can be lighter or darker, depending on the amount of color put in. Mix in a small amount of color at a time until desired color is achieved. Although the color picture shown is as close as possible to color achieved with this food color, there may be a slight difference as computer monitors may vary. Food coloring is good for at least a year, usually much longer. Contains: 3 Grams

Powder colour is a little more expensive than a gel or paste colour. A little trick that I have learned is to use your gel or paste colour and get your icing a little pink or grey (or whatever colour you're mixing) first. Then add a little bit of your powder colour. You will still get a nice dark colour without the taste. This also makes your powder colour last longer because you do not have to use as much of it!

Here is where the powdered food color comes in. To make colors that you are having a hard time getting like dark colors and such I use a combination of paste food color and powdered food color. This cuts back on the amount of each that you need to use. Keep in mind though, that I only do this for the buttercream icing.

The powdered food color does not have a taste to it either. So, adding a larger amount of it will not change the flavor of your icing. This is another great thing about the powder.

Powder colour is the best type of colour to use for dark or hard to get colours. Once again, colours like red, black, or dark blue. The gel or paste colors will give you a nice dark pink or dark grey for instance. The powder colour gives you a perfect red or black or blue every time.  


Sold in Bags of 3g

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