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31 January 2015


11 January 2015

My favourite melting chocolate

10 November 2014

Excellent service, small problem was dealt with immediately. Always super fast delivery

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Super White Merckens Candy Melt 400g



8 reviews

Product Code: 2110

Merckens super white is a delicious, smooth and creamy vanilla flavoured confectionary candy coating with no waxy taste.

When these are melted, they can be quite thick. You may need to thin the consistency with the Callebaut Cocoa Butter. Simply melt along with the merckens.

  • White and coloured confectionary candy coatings combine sugar, milk and vegetable oil. It is easy to melt and requires no tempering. If a thinner coating is desired, paramount crystals may be added. If adding flavours or colours, use a concentrated flavour or oil-based flavour.

  • Chocolate may melt in shipping if ordering during warmer temperatures. If it melts during shipping, it can be remelted.

  • Do not over heat, keep moisture out of candy.

  • Certified Kosher

Bags 400g

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