11 New Photo Backdrop Designs

We know you love our photo backdrops (just look online for all the cakey images using #thebackdropdifference) so it’s about time we added more design so you can add to your collection and have a backdrop to suit all your cake colours and styles.

11 new designs have been added to the backdrop range and are available to buy now.
Backdrops are printed vinyl backgrounds that make it easy to take professional looking photographs of your cakes. Whether you’re creating a portfolio and selling your cakes or just posting pictures on social media for friends to see, make sure the cakes you spent hours lovingly creating are captured in a picture that does your hard work justice.

  • 11 NEW designs (43 in total) to choose from
  • Wipe clean
  • Quick and easy
  • No fancy camera equipment required
  • Achieve professional photos with your phone camera
  • Made from durable vinyl with eco-solvent inks
  • Can be used for more crafts than just cake making
  • 3 sizes available
















Designs from left to right: White marble, Unicorn Galaxy, Grey Squares, Pretty Panels, Aster Waves.

The Aster Squares and Aster Waves design was specifically created to compliment Pantone’s colour of the year – Ultraviolet.
You may be getting requests to use this colour in your cakes this year and Aster will be the perfect complimentary backdrop without the overpowering the already bright, ultraviolet purple.

11 New Designs:

  • Unicorn Galaxy
  • White Marble
  • Pretty Panels
  • Grey Squares
  • Grey Waves
  • Aster Squares
  • Aster Waves
  • Honeydew Squares
  • Honeydew Waves
  • Pink Squares
  • Pink Waves

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