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A Simple Cookies and Cream Cakesicles Recipe


Next to the classics (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, of course), cookies and cream has to be one of the most popular flavours for any kind of sweet treat. And for good reason! A crumbly cookie texture mixed with smooth creamy taste? Irresistible! With that in mind, we bring you your next baking obsession. A simple cookies and cream cakesicles recipe you won’t be able to resist!

cookies-and-cream-cakesicles-recipe (1)

What you’ll need for 8 cookies and cream cakesicles!



  1. Take your oreos/cookies and crush them up into crumbs, either in a mixer or in a freezer bag using a rolling pin.
  2. Melt your chocolate. These cakesicles work perfectly with white, milk or dark chocolate, so choose your favourite. Or, better yet, make a mixture! For an extra cookies and cream kick, add a sprinkling of your finely crushed cookies to your chocolate!
  3. Pour your melted chocolate into your cakesicle mould and distribute evenly, making sure the sides are covered.
  4. Insert your cakesicle sticks and pop in the freezer for ten minutes.
  5. While your chocolate is setting, crumble up your cupcakes and add your buttercream and crushed cookies. Mix together thoroughly. It should have a moist, dough like texture and hold its shape.
  6. When you’re confident your chocolate has set, add your cake mix to the mould and cover with more chocolate.
  7. Pop in the freezer for approximately half an hour (or until set).

And that’s it! Pop your cookies and cream cakesicles out of your moulds and it’s time to eat. For an added bit of texture, you can drizzle your cakesicles with more chocolate and sprinkle on 100s and 1000s, or chunkier crumbs of cookie!


Which chocolate coating are you tempted to try first? A simple classic like milk chocolate? Or a delicious white chocolate and oreo mix? Whatever you choose, we can’t wait to see your cookies and cream cakesicles on Instagram! You can join the gang by following us at @the_cake_decorating_co. Be sure to tag us as your inspo!

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