Acacia Wood Slice Cake Stands


If you’re up to date with your cake trends, you’ll know that wooden slice cake stands are fashionable must-haves in the cake decorating universe, and it’s easy to see why.

Wood slices or mini tree stumps make a charming finishing touch to your cake designs, providing the ultimate rustic chic look that is becoming increasingly popular. So, whether it’s a birthday celebration or wedding buffet, this cake stand will add style whilst supporting your cake creations.

As opposed to many wooden slice cake stands, ours includes the bark, showing off beautifully detailed textures, and has been sanded and sealed to make it food safe and ready to use. It’s also a real lifesaver if you happen to be a messy baker, as buttercream and other mediums just wipe straight off!














It’s perfect for adding some rustic charm to your wedding cakes, but it’s also a great choice for other occasions like winter themes and Christmas displays. And, let’s not forget that these cake stands look amazing when presenting boho style cakes, decorated with textured buttercream, ferns and other foliage to complement the natural look!

Not only do they look great, these stands are incredibly strong and sturdy, supporting heavier cakes like multi-tiers and fruit cakes. It’s also great for displaying cheese towers, cupcakes and other treats at parties, so there’s plenty of use in the cake stands, no matter the occasion.

You can’t go wrong with the natural look. Invest in one of the beautiful cake stands today and amaze party guests with some beloved rustic charm.


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