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Cleaning your Spectrum Flow Airbrush Machine


One question we often get asked by airbrushing enthusiasts is “What is the best way to clean a Spectrum Flow Airbrush Machine?” – a task that seems complex, but is in fact a simple and easy process. To help, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide!

Cleaning your Airbrush Machine:

1.Firstly, wipe down your airbrush machine with a cleaning wipe or cloth before any more mess is made! You don’t need any fancy cleaning chemicals, just some water or an anti-bac will do the job. Spectrum Flow Wipeouts are also super handy for this!

2. Pour any unused airbrush paint back into the bottle to be used next time and avoid waste!

3. Fill your airbrush ‘cup’ with Spectrum Flow’s Airbrush Cleaner and spray until the colour is gone. We recommend spraying onto a paper towel or into a sink to avoid creating more mess.

4. For a deeper clean, all of the compartments dismantle easily. These can be soaked in warm water and reassembled once dry. As a top tip, place your airbrush pen into a mug of boiling water and turn the compressor on. Let the pen sit in the water for around 30 seconds. The continuous airflow will ensure the pen bubbles away and cleans itself! Easy!

5. Also, for even better results, we strongly recommend Spectrum Flow’s Airbrush Cleaning Station as the most efficient way to clean your airbrush pen. Simply, place your airbrush pen into the holder and spray, ensuring the mini filter is attached.

We also have a couple of video tutorials to help you on your way!


Happy Airbrushing!