Airbrushing Realistic Skin Tones


Creating a flawless skin tone for your cake models and figures is no easy task, even for the most skilled cake decorators. Lucky for you though, Spectrum Flow has made this process a little easier with their Light Skin Tones Palette Set of airbrush colours. Now you can create realistic flesh tones with a quick spray of the airbrush.

The Skin Tones set consists of six airbrush paints, that can be used to build up as a series of layers to produce a realistic and intricate skin tone effect.

This absolute lifesaver of a set was created by Ben Cullen, a.k.a The BakeKing who has also taken the time to put together a short video tutorial with some top tips!

See how it’s done!

Ben starts by using 01 Light Pores, spraying all over the figure. He then uses some paper towel to dab some of the paint off. This leaves the paint in creases, wrinkles and pores. Next 02 Light Base Layer is used. This is sprayed all over to give a base tone, and gives the white a slight colour. Next, using 03 Light Build Up, Ben adds to the darker areas of the features. After this, Ben uses 05 Light Shadows to airbrush the darkest areas/shadows (under the chin, beneath the eyes, nostrils etc). Lastly, Ben makes use of 04 Light Blush and adds pink tones to the skin and lips.

Each colour, as well as a water-based white, is now available in a kit. It’s perfect if you’re new to airbrushing, allowing you to get the hang of shade control and toning. It also comes in a nifty box to keep your new collection in!


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