Our Favourite Backdrops for Wedding Season


Spring is in full swing and you know what that means – wedding bells galore!

With wedding season coming up, we’re expecting to see tiers and tiers of gorgeous cakey masterpieces, from the most classic floral designs to rustic summer-inspired creations. Now, what better way is there to show off all your hard work than with one of our photography backdrops? With a backdrop, you can display your most treasured designs to a professional standard that is perfect for sharing on your company website, social media, in portfolios and more – and it’s so easy!

To help you on your way, we’ve put together some of our favourite backdrops that are absolutely perfect for showcasing summer wedding cakes – and a short video to demonstrate!


Glorious Greenery…

Our vibrant Garden Bokeh and Green Bokeh backdrops are some of our favourite designs because they’re perfect for presenting wedding cakes with a summer theme. They tie in beautifully with the blurred greenery and create the illusion of an outdoor summery photoshoot. It’s an amazing choice for boho style or rustic semi-naked sponge designs, as the natural wood tones complement the style perfectly.


Simple & Elegant…

One of our best-sellers and arguably one of the most elegant designs. Our Silver Bokeh backdrop features a stylish off-white wood panels work perfectly alongside the sparkling silver background, creating the illusion of blurred twinkling lights. So, whatever wedding cake project you have in mind, it will be transformed into a glamorous masterpiece in front of this design. Check out some beautiful examples from The Little Box of Goodies.


Wonderfully Rustic…

Now, imagine a classic white tiered beauty in front of the sparkling lights, contrasting against a gorgeous rustic wood panel floor. Our Wooden Window Lights backrop is the perfect display for any wedding cake this season – and one of our best-selling designs of all time. It’s easy to see why! Check out these designs sent in to us on Facebook, courtesy of Katherine Mohan at Sugar Chic.


Add Sparkle…

If you’re a fan of glitz and glamour, you should consider one of our sparkle backdrops. Our Golden Twinkle design works wonders behind a wedding cake design, creating a classy and luxurious display. See the amazing results sent in to us from NadyCakes. You’ll notice how the sparkles in the background makes the cake shine – the perfect way to showcase a wedding masterpiece!


Every backdrop we stock are printed to order using our state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring quality resolution and high definition colour. Printed using eco-solvent inks on high quality vinyl. Each design is available in three sizes: Cupcake, Medium and Large. See our video below for a guide and top tips!



Browse through our entire range and be prepared for all of your upcoming projects – and don’t forget to share your finished cakes with us on Instagram using the hashtag #thebackdropdifference



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