Boo-It-Yourself: 7 Fun Ideas for Halloween At Home


This year is a tricky one for sure, but Halloween hasn’t ghosted us yet. If you’re not feeling a socially-distanced trick-or-treating sesh, why not celebrate Halloween at home?

We’ve compiled some ideas to keep your spirits high this Halloween, with lots of fun activities and ideas for the little ones over half term – plenty including cake and sweet treats, of course!

1. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Send your little monsters on a Halloween mission, with tasty treats hidden along the way. Whether it’s sweets and chocolate, spooktacular cupcakes, frightfully tasty cookies, fangtastic cakesicles, or gourd old cake pops – it makes for a fun activity for all the family to enjoy.

Image from Play Party Plan

2. Spooky Movie Night – with cake!

If Halloween parties are a no-no, why not host a movie night for the family, or with a small group of friends? You can’t beat a good old-fashioned horror flick, surrounded by Halloween-inspired sweet treats, right? Shop our Halloween baking category to stock up and plan your Halloween Movie Feast!

3. Halloween ‘Baking Sesh’

If you’ve got some little ghouls with a hankering sweet tooth, keep them busy with a Halloween Baking Activity. Bake some cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cake pops and more, and let them loose with the cookie cutters, icing, sprinkles and other Halloween treat must-haves. Shop our Halloween baking essentials.

4. Pumpkin Carving

You can’t beat the classics, especially when it comes to traditional pumpkin carving. There’s just something about pumpkin guts and spooky lantern-lit faces.

Or, why not opt for something different this year? Carve out your pumpkin in the form of cake, the way our friend The Bake King did here. That’ll definitely give everyone pumpkin’ to talk about.

5. Halloween Pinata
Who ever said a party pinata didn’t account for Halloween? The boogie man loves to leave a paper-mache pumpkin hanging around on the 31st, filled with candy eyeballs, edible brains and gooey jelly worms. You could even opt for your own baked treats – just make sure to wrap them up with treat bags and cake pop covers, or things could get pretty messy!

Image from Party Pieces

6. Haunted (Gingerbread) House
Who said gingerbread houses were just for Christmas? Creep it real and transform those traditionally festive decorations into the spooky and scary, creating a Haunted Gingerbread House. It’s the perfect centrepiece for your Halloween feast. Shop the perfect Halloween decorations here.

Image from BBC Good Food

7. A Witch’s Brew!

One for the adults – why not fix your very own spooky cocktails for an awesome Halloween toast? Definitely one to lift your spirits!

Try out Roxy & Rich’s Spirdust range to add vibrant sparkling colours to your beverages.

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