Introducing the brand new revolutionary baking solution, BoxBake!

BoxBake is a flatpack ‘pop-up’ baking tin, made from a rigid corrugated card with an inner laminate baking surface. It’s quick and easy to assemble and is 100% oven-safe, food-grade and recyclable.

Pre-lined with professional dimensions and incredibly strong and sturdy, BoxBake can handle any cake type, from the lightest sponges to the heaviest of fruitcakes. They also save lots of time and effort where washing up and putting away is concerned, and leaves you with plenty of cupboard space for other baking and decorating necessities.

BoxBake is ideal for both occasional and professional bakers, providing better baking performance than traditional bakeware, and for just a fraction of the cost. Especially good if you’re a busy cake artist who relies on batch baking – no longer must you suffer the expense of multiple tins!

A Quick Breakdown: Why BoxBake?

✔ Strong, sturdy and supportive
✔ Professional dimensions
✔ Easy to assemble
✔ Bakes evenly
✔ Pre-lined
✔ Easy release
✔ More cost-effective than traditional bakeware
✔ Oven safe up to 200°c
✔ Can be stored and frozen
✔ Recyclable and compostable after use
✔ Saves cupboard space and time on washing up!


… and available in various shapes!



Convenient and cost-effective, with fantastic results!
Try it out for yourself.




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