BRAND NEW Simpress Moulds


Introducing Marvelous Molds’ brand new range of Simpress Moulds…

The new Rosette Ruffle and Scrunch Ruffle moulds feature beautifully detailed ruffle designs that is perfect for wedding cakes as well as other bakes. Just look at the elegant finishes you can create, covering entire tiers in gorgeous textured designs in no time at all. 

As you can see in the below design, the Rosette Ruffle mould, used on the bottom tier, allows the formation of an exquisitely detailed rosette design, resembling a formation of beautiful English roses in a ruffled arrangement. This pairs beautifully with the use of the Scrunch Ruffle mould, used on the top tier, creating the illusion of scrunched petals – one of the most requested wedding cake styles – and most difficult. At least, it used to be!


Cake by Kim Firth of Kim’s Cake Worksop


The Simpress range of moulds has been designed specifically so that you can add them to a crumb coated cake, eliminating the need to cover it in sugarpaste first. Unlike the Marvelous Moulds onlays that have a thinner pattern that are designed to be added onto fondant, the Simpress moulds are designed so that you get exactly the right amount of sugarpaste covering the outside of your crumb coated cake, helping you get a great looking cake, as well as a delicious one!

The Simpress moulds work best with sugarpaste/fondant but can also be used with flower paste, modelling paste, modelling chocolate, Isomalt, buttercream and more!



Ready to try the new designs out for yourself?


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