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Cake Katana Kit

The ultimate addition to your baking toolbox – the Cake Katana Kit!

With this genius Cake Katana Kit from Crystal Ninja, you can create beautiful pearl and dragee displays on your cakes, without all the fiddly mess of applying by hand.

The double-ended pick up pen includes a wax tip for flawlessly picking up your pearls and sticking to your cake (perfect for small and delicate decorations that are difficult to handle), and a chrome end for positioning your pearls once on the cake – for perfecting those finishing touches!

See for yourself how it works in the video below.



As well as the life-saver that is the pick up pen tool, in the kit you’ll also receive: a storage case to keep your tool in, a tray, dispenser/syringe, three tips (one wax and two chrome tips).

The tool can be used with various decorations e.g. candy pearls, dragee pearls, edible sequins, sugar crystals, gel diamonds and more, making it the perfect time-saving tool for cake artists with an eye for the hidden details.