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Cake Lace Flower Cutters

Cake Lace doesn’t just make edible lace mixtures and mats, they also offer a range of accessories which currently includes 3 flower cutter sets:

The Cake Lace Peony Petals set contains 4 cutters that range in size from 9cm – 15cm.

To complete your peonies you might also like flower pastenon-stick rolling pinfoam padedible glueball tool and lustre dusts.

Watch the video as we show you how easy the Cake Lace Flower Cutters are to use. The technique to make them is the same for the Peony and both sizes of the Rose.

The Large and Small rose cutters allow you to create full bouquets of flowers. Smaller and larger blooms can be created by increasing and decreasing the number of petals sued to create each flower. Use just 4 of the smallest rose cutters to make barely open buds. Or, you could try using two of every cutter in the Large Rose set to make really big and full blooms. These same techniques can also be used with the Peony Petals set. Whatever is right for your project, you’re the cake designer, you decide.