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Cake Sketching Templates

Whether you’re more of an artist in the kitchen or Picasso with a pencil, transferring your ideas from mind to paper is now a piece of cake!

Avalon Yarnes of Cake & Cookie Planner has just introduced version 2.0 of her Cake Sketching Templates – and we just LOVE them!

Now, when inspiration strikes, you can bring your ideas to life – and you can do so without spending hours at your desk, covered head to toe in eraser shavings! This provides you with more time for the important (and tasty) part!

What’s Available?

Available to purchase separately or as the whole set, we currently stock three super cake template designs – Round, Square & Elements templates.

The Square & Round sketching templates enable you to draw tiered cakes from 5″ up to 16″. They also allow you to adjust the height and stack them on top of each other so you can go all-out with your tiered wedding cake designs!

The Elements template goes above and beyond, assisting you in drawing those ever-so-popular elements like flowers, bows, patterns and more.


✔ High Quality Material
✔ Metric Conversions (cm)
✔ True-life Scaling
✔ Serving Charts on Templates
✔ Ability to Mix & Match Shapes (using other templates)
✔ Adjustable Heights

As well as all the incredible features, let’s not forget how useful these cake design templates will be when it comes to wedding cake planning or on-the-go consultations. It’s never been so easy presenting ideas to clients, or planning your next upcoming project or competition entry!

These cake sketching templates really are a must-have for both expert cake designers and dabbling beginners, so why not try it out for yourself?

Pick a design, sharpen your pencils and start planning your next delicious creation!

Or, if you’re ready to get your hands on the full set, don’t wait a second longer!