Cake Trends 2019

Happy new year, cake decorators! Can you believe we’re already two weeks in to 2019? It seems like just yesterday we were  preparing for our Black Friday sale, planning our advent giveaway and seeing all of our customers stock their baking cupboards for delicious festive cakes – I’m sure they all went down a treat!

With 2019 comes new, fresh and exciting cakey project ideas, from geometric shapes to a rustic boho style. So whatever special event you have to look forward to this year, make sure your cake is the centrepiece of the occasion by getting creative with some cake trends we predict are going to explode in 2019!


Moroccan Tile Prints

Cake decorating with a Moroccan boho flair has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, but is expected to be a major player in 2019.

It’s easy to see why quatrefoil designs are reminiscent of classic Moroccan architecture; there’s just something extremely elegant about the pattern – especially on cakes! When combining neutral spaces with bold eye-catching colours and designs, it really is a match made in cake heaven.

14Photo by Josh and Dana Fernandez; Cake by Buttercup


Abstract Style Buttercream

This is one of our favourite upcoming trends of 2019! Embrace the messy but controlled imperfections and go abstract using coloured buttercreams.  What’s great about this trend is that it’s both simple and effective. All you need is a palette knife and any kind of buttercream you like to get creative!

Cake and photo by Sweet Heather Anne, Instagram


Hand-Painted Text & Illustrations

Following on a little from artsy buttercream designs, it seems that hand-painted elements are going to be a major theme this year.

A lot of cake artists are going freestyle when it comes to cake decorating, ditching their piping and cake lace for some edible paint and a brush.

There is so much potential to be creative here, and you don’t have to be Picasso to follow this trend because even handwritten messages on cakes are now becoming a popular choice! Put your stencils and onlays down and pick up an edible marker to create a cake that is both especially unique and personal.

Photos from One Fab Day:


Ferns, Leaves and Herbs

Adding some greenery to cakes is nothing uncommon and for good reason. Floral decorations adds some colour and elegance to any cake design, especially for summer wedding cake designs. This year, however, we’re tossing aside the traditional flowers and opting for something a little more exotic – think fern leaves, eucalyptus sprigs and fragrant herbs!

Foliage makes an amazing addition to naked wedding cakes, but also make a terrific finishing touch to even the most glamorous fondant designs.

Photo (L to R) from Want That Wedding: and Hights Photography:


Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns and textures are shaping up to be the most popular trend of the year. Let’s face it, it seems like everywhere we look there is some kind of geometric pattern or design, whether it’s in home furnishing or wedding cake decor!

This is a great trend to get on board with because the designs are simple, but always look complex and super stylish. It also means you can get creative with not the decorating but also the shapes of your cake tiers. Have you ever made a cake with triangular tiers, or a hexagon base? Now’s the time!

Photos (Left) by Chanel Kruger:


Boho Chic Style

Boho chic is becoming a top choice for wedding cakes and other special events. Flaunting a stylish and rustic look, bohemian cakes are a work of art in their own right.

In 2019, you can expect to see your fair share of boho style – think dreamcatchers, feathers, foliage and colourful palettes. Combine this with textured buttercream or partially covered naked sponge and you’ll have yourself a cake with a style to stand the test of time.

Cake by Frost Me Gourmet; Photo by Mr and Mrs Wedding Duo


Wedding Cake Pops

Everybody loves a cake pop, and so you’ll be pleased to know you’re likely to find these at all the wedding buffet tables this year!

We love this trend because cake pops are nothing short of simple, but super fun to make with plenty of opportunity to be creative. You can serve these at a wedding party, or as cute wedding favours or gifts for guests. As a growing trend, some happy couples are even opting for cake pops and popsicles over a traditional wedding cake. What do you think? Would you trade in your slice of the wedding cake for a cake pop?

There is no such thing as too much cake in our eyes, so maybe there’s plenty of room for both!

 Photos (L to R) by Weddingwire: and Ramona Carbold:

These are just some of our favourites of the many cake trends to check out and get on board with this year. We will be having some fun with these trends over the next few months, uploading videos to our YouTube page, so be sure to keep an eye out!

In the meantime, try some of these out for yourself and show us how your cakes turned out – we’d love to see your creations.

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