Carma Couverture Chocolate


Barry Callebaut and Massa Ticino have joined forces to bring you the finest Swiss chocolate for your cakes and desserts – and trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the new flavours!

“Just as nature turns valuable materials into minerals and gemstones through crystallisation, the Masters of Swiss Edel Couvertures™ since 1931 at CARMA® use their passion and experience to turn different varieties of cocoa into brilliant Edel Couvertures – each one a precious jewel.”

The Carma range is, without a doubt, the perfect choice for adding luxurious chocolate decorations to your cakey projects this year. Let us talk you through some of the new flavours!




Black Zabuye (83%)

Black Zabuye is the first of its kind, currently being the darkest chocolate in the world.  It is surprisingly astringent in flavour, yet has a wonderfully smooth aftertaste that is not bitter – perfect to tickle your taste buds, and mastered to perfection.






Dark Madagascar (64%)

Dark Madagascar is a popular choice, and for good reason. Of course it is a blend of the finest Swiss ingredients, but you can taste the roasted nuts combined with a fruity body, and an aroma of ebony. It’s absolute bliss!






Milk Des Alpes (35%)

You can’t go wrong with Milk Des Alpes – it’s an evergreen that is perfect for moulding or hand tempering, not forgetting to mention it’s classic rich, creamy and delicious taste. It’s perfect to form spreads, creams, custards, mousses, truffles, ganache, icing and so much more.






Gold Quintin (31%)

It seems as though Carma doesn’t just account for the tastebuds, but they also create a feast for the eyes. The beautiful golden colour combined with a luxurious caramel taste has been made with love and dedication, it’s almost like a childhood memory coming to life.






White Nuit Blanche (37%)

This blend uses a special cocoa butter to ensure the perfect white colour of this chocolate – it’s mesmerising. Moulds, fillings and desserts in beautiful white are the result of using this delicious couverture.





Find out more in the video below!


All flavours are available to buy individually straight from our website, and if you want to dive straight in and try every flavour, we offer a discounted price to buy the set of five!


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