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mini cupcakes with blue icing 03/05/2022

A Beginner’s Guide To Cake Frosting

Do you know your cream cheese frosting from your buttercream and your Royal Icing from your fondant? Whether an amateur baker or cake baking professional, it’s important to choose the right frosting or icing to finish off your cakes that will complement their flavour, leaving a lasting visual impact too. At The Cake Decorating Company, we want to make your decorating experience super easy, so we’re breaking down the main types of icing and frosting in our handy guide so that you’re guaranteed a perfect finish. Get ready for show-stopping... Read More

cake decorating for beginners 03/05/2022

Cake Decorating for Beginners

Whether sealed with buttercream or finished with chocolate ganache, an exquisitely decorated birthday cake can provide the perfect centrepiece for any special occasion. But what if you’re the one that has to do the decorating? At The Cake Decorating Company, we understand that producing a flawlessly decorated cake can be a daunting task for any amateur baker. That’s why we’ve pulled together our handy cake decorating guide for beginners, to offer the best cake decorating tips and to answer all of those difficult decorating questions, hopefully guaranteeing a flawless finish... Read More

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How To Make Cake Flour

Flour – an absolute staple for any baker’s kitchen, whether you’re an occasional hobbyist or cakey expert at work. But have you ever gotten halfway through a baking session, before realising you’ve stocked up on every flour except the specialty flour your current recipe demands? Yes, we’re talking about Cake Flour. We’ve all been there. A flour we often forget to keep on hand, yet as we explore more and more recipes in our baking journey, it’s an ingredient that tends to make an appearance more and more. Luckily, it’s... Read More