Cake Decorating Ideas

chocolate cake decorating ideas 03/05/2022

Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas

If you’ve got a real chocolate lover in your life, then there’s no better birthday gift to give them than a perfectly decorated chocolate cake. At The Cake Decorating Company, we’ve rounded up the best chocolate birthday cake ideas and pulled them together into this helpful guide so that you can have chocolate-filled success with every bake! Using the simplest of techniques, we want to help even the most amateur of bakers create show-stopping chocolate cakes. What’s the easiest way to make a chocolate cake? There are a multitude of... Read More

pink frosted birthday cake with sprinkles 03/05/2022

5 Simple Cake Decorating Ideas For Birthdays

Want to make a birthday cake for a special person in your life? Don’t let your lack of cake decorating confidence get in your way of creating a masterpiece. At The Cake Decorating Company, we want everyone to feel like birthday cake baking heroes, which is why we’ve pulled together our top 5 simple birthday cake ideas. With easy to follow instructions on how to achieve each design, our simple cake decorating ideas will make you feel like a cake decorating pro! The hardest part will be choosing which style... Read More

wedding cake with bride and groom topper 03/05/2022

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

One of the most important cakes you’ll ever bake, choose or decorate is a wedding cake! Whether you’re baking your own cake on a budget, baking a special cake for your favourite couple’s big day, or simply looking for some inspiration, our Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas guide is the perfect place to help you decide which cake is right for the occasion. From a little bit of cake history to all of our top tips on choosing the perfect filling, frosting and some easy wedding cake decorating tips along the... Read More