Candy Clay

Extreme Cake Maker, Zoe Burmester of Sugar Street Studios, has been wowing audiences with her incredible cake art over the last few years and taking the cake decorating world by storm. From her appearance on Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Christmas, and her recurring participation in Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers, multi-award-winning Zoe has just launched her new sculpting chocolate, Candy Clay. Candy Clay is a delicious sculpting chocolate, suitable for all types of sugarcraft sculptures. It blends seamlessly without the need for glue or water when blending your work together.  The special formula... Read More



  If you like THE SUGAR PASTE™... chances are you’ll LOVE THE FLOWER PASTE™. Venture into the art of sugar floristry with our new favourite flower paste, THE FLOWER PASTE™. THE FLOWER PASTE™ really raises the standard for flower pastes everywhere, maintaining a firm yet flexible consistency, with a quality velvety smooth feel. It rolls extremely thin without cracking or tearing, meaning a little goes a long way. The combination of firmness and stretchiness makes it the ideal flower paste for cake artists with warm hands, whether it’s rolling, shaping, cutting... Read More


Fun Fonts!

  Emboss your cakes with personalised messages with the Fun Fonts Embossing Collection from PME. Adding that personal touch to your cakes couldn’t be easier! Ideal for absolutely any occasion, this embossing set allows you to stamp your cakes with your own bespoke messages. The set contains 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters in an elegant font that adds a touch of class to your messages. The Fun Fonts Embossing Collection is extremely easy to use: simply add the letters to the stamp and push into your cake. See how... Read More


Halloween Pumpkin Cake… with Spectrum Flow!

Ben Cullen, a.k.a. The BakeKing has been flaunting his love for Halloween this week, showing off some mad skills with his incredible Halloween Pumpkin Cake. To start off, Ben carves his cake into shape, creating a large pumpkin-esque sphere, before covering the entire thing in chocolate buttercream/ganache. After letting the chocolate set, he carves a face into it and again covers in chocolate. Next, Ben covers the cake in sugarpaste, using THE SUGAR PASTE™, coloured with a splash of Spectrum Flow’s Lemon Yellow Water-Based Paint. Once covered, a modelling tool... Read More

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Zoe Clark: ‘Bluebell’ Lace Applique

  Cake International 2019 is quickly approaching, and we wanted to share a quick taster of one of our proud sponsorships! Zoe Clark of Zoe Clark Cakes has produced this stunning three-tiered cake design on behalf our the wedding collaboration for Cake International.  If you haven’t heard about it, this fabulous collaboration features cakes inspired by dresses, designed by award-winning dress designer Ian Stuart. There are around 40 different cakes as a part of this collaboration, all of which can be seen at Cake International in November. The collaboration will be... Read More


Happy Sprinkles!

After showing off our new selection of sprinkles at The Cake and Bake Show over the weekend with a special discounted show price, we also wanted to treat our online customers!  You were filling your baskets over the weekend and juggling around the different designs, deciding which ones to buy. Luckily enough for you guys, we’re doing an offer of any 3 pots for £15! That should help narrow down some favourites! With over 20 different mixes to choose from, our Happy Sprinkles range has a design for every cakey... Read More


Professional Micro Liner Brushes

    These  2-in-1 Micro Liner and Round Brush duos have been specially designed with artists in mind, ensuring the most professional and show-stopping cake art. Designed with both amateur and professional cake artists in mind, these brushes feature the finest tips to bring incredible precision to detail painting. They’re perfect for painting the most intricate details on your cakes where accuracy is vital. They’re especially good for detailing sculpted faces, including fine hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Beautifully made, these brushes are also a pleasure to use. With the light... Read More


How To: Use Simpress Moulds On Tall Cakes

  We all know how Marvelous Molds’ simpress moulds can completely transform your cake tiers with their stunning range of designs, but did you know you can also use them to decorate tall cake tiers?  Even though your average simpress mould measures approximately 7” x 4”, the majority of cake decorators tend to gravitate towards using the mould horizontally. But, Chef Dominic has been kind enough to demonstrate just how easy it is to cover cakes taller than 4” high. See how it’s done in the video demonstration, or take... Read More


How To Use Julia Usher’s Stencils

  Julia Usher is a world-renowned sugar artist known for her work in 3D cookies. Her range of stencils are the perfect answer to creating intricate designs on your cookies. Julia’s stencils allow you to layer designs on top of one another to create beautiful, intricate designs. Use your airbrush to colour separate areas of the stencil and create these beautiful effects. With Dynamic Duos™, you’re getting double the fun! That’s because each design consists of two sets – one with backgrounds and another with messages and frames. These sets can... Read More


Silvia Favero Stencils

  Produce beautifully elegant designs for your cake tiers with this stunning range of double-barrel cake stencils.  Flexible, resistant and made from durable quality materials, the thickness of these stencils as well as the openwork will ensure neat and flawless creations, whilst providing extra ease of use – ideal for both expert cake artists and budding beginners! Cover with: sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, covering paste. Create with: buttercream, royal icing, ganache, airbrush paints, edible paints and more. See just how easy it is to create beautiful designs in... Read More