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How To Use Backdrops For Cakes

Transform your cakes into photographed masterpieces with such a simple but effective addition to your photoshoots. Using a backdrop to take photos of your cakes provides a professional finish and helps build a diverse portfolio of great looking cakes that you can show off to the world, whether that’s to potential customers, family and friends, or your cakey followers on social media. What Are Backdrops? Backdrops are printed vinyl backgrounds that can be placed behind your cake to produce a professional-looking photo. How To Use A Backdrop for Cakes We... Read More


How To Transport a Wedding Cake

Whether you’re planning to transport your wedding cake long distance or short distance, fully tiered or to-be-assembled, the thought of transporting our precious cakey cargo is a nerve-wracking thought and can go horribly wrong if we’re not fully prepared. So with wedding season creeping up, and warmer weather soon upon us, we asked some of our lovely cakey professionals for their top tips in getting their bakes from A to B! It’s All About The Base A sturdy base is absolutely vital when it comes to transporting your cakes. Opt... Read More