A Piz-za Cake! Literally…

Introducing the latest trend in the cake decorating universe… Chocolate Pizzas!

Pizza, in chocolate form, need we say anything else? It’s all the rage right now, swapping out the bread dough for a chocolate base and replacing the pepperoni and cheese with delicious chocolate drizzles and edible sprinkles.

Made by hand in, our entire range of chocolate pizzas all offer a signature base of solid Belgian chocolate in either milk, dark or white varieties, topped with a selection of delicious ingredients from brownie biscuits to jelly beans, and then finished with either a chocolate drizzle or covered with chocolate curls to recreate the look of ‘cheese’ and turn up the chocolatey-ness!

Each and every flavour combination and design we offer has been carefully thought out to take into consideration the latest seasonal influences and reflect ongoing trends in the food and drink industry. We have a range of flavours for you to choose from so we’re sure you can find your perfect pizza.

Crunchy Munchy

The delicious Crunchy Munchy pizza combines a smooth Belgian chocolate base with scrumptious brownie biscuit, smooth vanilla fudge and a generous coating of white chocolate curls. It’s the perfect choice for chocolate pizzas lovers of all ages. This flavour is available in 4” and 7”.

Heavenly Honeycomb

Heavenly Honeycomb also has a Belgian chocolate base, topped with scrumptious white and milk chocolate coated rice balls with a honeycomb-like middle, chunks of creamy vanilla fudge and a generous coating of milk chocolate curls. Also available in 4” and 7”.

Stuck between these two flavours? The Double Delight has them both! I know, amazing! You can thank us later.

Jelly Bean Jumble

This one is for the ultimate sweet tooth. The ingenious Jelly Bean Jumble pizza not only has the delicious smooth Belgian chocolate base, it is also topped with Jelly Belly jelly beans, rainbow drops, white chocolate curls and rice puffs. Available in 4” and 7”.

Salted Caramel

This Salted Caramel pizza is topped with the perfect ratio of sweet and salty caramel fudge, a generous serving of white chocolate curls and scrumptious white chocolate coated rice balls. Available in 4” & 7”.

Rocky Road

Who doesn’t love the classic Rocky Road? This pizza combines a milk chocolate base with brownie biscuits, juicy raisins and squishy marshmallows – the perfect twist on a traditional treat. What’s not to love? Available in 7”.


Still can’t decide? View all our flavours now available on our website.

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