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How to make an Easy Christmas Pudding Cake with Spectrum Flow


Ben Cullen, a.k.a. The BakeKing has been fulfilling his Christmas elf duties over the weekend, creating an incredible Christmas pudding cake using Spectrum Flow.

For this cake, Ben uses Spectrum Flow’s Chocolate Brown and Toffee Fudge Matt Airbrush Paints in a mixed cup to create the colour of the pudding. Halfway through, Red Matt is added to provide a gorgeous red tint. 

To create the colours of the cherries and leaves, Ben used Spectrum Flow’s Water Based Colours in Party Green and Red, by simply added a couple of drops to some white sugarpaste. 

Watch how it’s done in the video below, and read on for the 10 step break down!

How to decorate this simple Christmas Pudding cake in just 10 steps! 

  1. First, take your board, and an 8inch half sphere cake. Cover the cake in buttercream. 
  2. Then, take your clingfilm – roll it out but don’t rip it off! Twist it back up on to your roll so it’s all wrinkly! 
  3. Roll out your sugarpaste using the wrinkly clingfilm, and you’ll see that it leaves a textured effect on the sugarpaste. The perfect look for a Christmas Pudding cake! If you want the texture to go deeper, you can use the same technique with tinfoil. Use that textured sugarpaste to cover your half sphere. 
  4. Then, take Spectrum Flow’s Matt Chocolate Brown and Matt Toffee Fudge and mix together for the perfect warm brown airbrush colour. Add a little bit of red halfway through to give it a slight red tinge and spray it on evenly. 
  5. Spray it all over with a Confectioner’s Glaze spray to give that Christmas Pudding glow! 
  6. Now roll out some white or cream sugarpaste. Cut it into a “splat” shape, and pop it on top! 
  7. Add some water-based Red into your white sugarpaste, and do the same with water-based Party Green, to make the colour for your leaves and cherries. 
  8. Roll out the green and cut out your leaf shapes! 
  9. Roll your red sugarpaste into a sausage shape and cut into equal sections – roll them up into three even sphere shapes for the cherries. 
  10. Add your leaves and cherries et voila! Add a final spray of Confectioner’s Glaze and your Christmas Pudding Cake is good to go! 

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