Christmas Tree Cake with Spectrum Flow

Ben Cullen, a.k.a. The BakeKing has been fulfilling his Christmas elf duties over the past couple of weeks, creating an incredible Christmas Tree cake that you can follow step-by-step. Imagine seeing this beauty take pride of place of your Christmas buffet table!

To start, Ben layers his sponge cake with chocolate frosting and carves his cake to form a basic Christmas Tree shape, before covering it entirely in chocolate frosting. 

Once fully covered, he uses Product Excellence Award Winner, THE SUGAR PASTE, to create sugarpaste leaves to apply to the cake. For this, Ben uses PME’s XL Rose Leaf Cutter – very clever!

After rolling out the sugarpaste and creating plenty of leaves, Ben begins to apply each leaf to his cake individually, creating an authentic-looking Christmas Tree texture.

Once covered, Ben grabs a hold of his Spectrum Flow Airbrush Machine, mixing colours of Lemon Yellow and Sage Green to completely cover the cake.

Top Tip: spray onto some plain paper before applying to your cake to make sure you’ve got the right shade of green. And, why not experiment and go for a darker shade of green? Or perhaps a white/snow-covered Christmas tree with a touch of Silver Glitter?

Next, to create the decorations, THE SUGAR PASTE is coloured using a few drops of varying Spectrum Flow colours, then rolled out and chopped into small baubles. The baubles are then stuck directly onto the cake. 

Top Tip: make sure to add plenty of colour and space them evenly apart like you would a real Christmas tree!

One the baubles have been added, Ben rolls out more sugarpaste into a long thin sausage-like shape. This can be wrapped around your cake, and to make it look like tinsel. Make sure to use a modelling tool to create tinsel-like textures for a more realistic effect.

Once you’re happy with all the decorations, sprinkle over an edible white powder dust or glitter to add some snow!

And, of course, for the finishing touch – colour some more sugarpaste with Spectrum Flow Gold or Silver to create the pièce de résistance, a star for the top of the tree!

See the video below for a step-by-step tutorial.


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