Coronavirus Advice: Managing Customer Cancellations

We’ve had a few questions from customers asking what they should do about their clients wanting to cancel cake orders. We’re a small business as well, we know it’s an uncertain time but we’re here to help.

Everyone will be different and it will depend on the contract you have with your client. However, if your terms allow, we’d recommend getting clients to reschedule rather than refund.

All the events being cancelled will probably be rebooked when this is all over and people won’t stop having birthdays! Giving customers the option to reschedule their order means you’re not out of pocket and your client still gets their dream cake.

To make it easy, we’ve drafted a reply that could be sent to your customer. Feel free to copy the text or repurpose however you need to…

Thank you for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear that your event has been cancelled. It’s an uncertain time for everyone but we’ll all get through it with support and positivity.

I’d like to reschedule your order for anytime within the next 12 months. When our current situation is over it’ll be cause to celebrate and every celebration needs cake!

Please let me know a provisional date to reschedule and I can reserve that for you.

Your understanding and support will help me to continue making and spreading happiness, one cake at a time.


It’s up to you to decide the timeframe to allow people to reschedule for. We’ve suggested 12 months above but you might want to limit it to 6 months or just in 2020. It depends on the occasion. If it’s a birthday cake, you might not want to wait a whole year but maybe the client has someone else they’d like a cake making for sooner?

Try and be flexible and offer to change the design and theme of the cake to accommodate a different occasion or celebration. This will give your clients another reason to reschedule with you rather than cancel.

If your pricing allows, you may also want to sweeten the deal further by offering a slight discount. Maybe 10% – 20% off would encourage them to reschedule.

We really believe cake businesses have the potential to be the antidote to the current situation. Our industry is inherently about celebration and happiness so lets all keep positive and focus on the future.

We’re planning on answering more of your questions to support you as much as possible. Comment below or email your questions and we’ll do our best to advise you. Your name will never be mentioned in any of our answers so if anonymity is important to you, email and know that your privacy will be respected. This is a safe space for us all to come together.

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