Corrugated Cake Box Corner Extensions


Use these corner extensions to add extra height to your cake boxes, without the need for a box extender!

Our cake box corner extenders are so simple that it’s actually kind of genius! By slotting straight into the corner of your cake boxes, the extenders create extra height between the top of your cake box and lid. It’s perfect for creating a taller box when needed for tall cakes or multi-tiered wedding cakes.

But why not get a box extender?

With corner extensions, you don’t require a specific size for your cake box. Simply decide how tall you need your box to be, and insert them straight into the corners of your square or oblong box. It’s an absolute life-saver if you can’t find a specific box size, or maybe because your design turned out to be slightly taller than originally planned! Because of this, they’re great to keep handy for last minute emergencies.



Made from thick corrugated card board, these corner extensions are incredibly strong and durable, providing your cake boxes with extra support as well as height, and can be used time and time again for quick box adjustments.

Our sets of four are available in various sizes from 12″ tall to 22″ tall for those giant masterpieces!



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