DIY Edibles Diamond Gel

Get your bling on with DIY Diamond Gel and create edible diamond decorations for your cakes.

Diamonds are a cake decorators best friend, and if you’re the kind of cake artist that likes to add some sparkle to your cakes, you’ll love our Diamond Gel Starter Kit! The kit includes a pot of diamond gel in your choice of colour, a pack of syringes and two diamond tray moulds – everything you need to bring glamour to your bakes.

DIY Edibles really have gone the extra mile with revolutionary invention, combining quality with amazing value and ease of use. It’s a fresh alternative for home bakers and professionals alike.

Simply choose your colour, microwave a small amount for ten seconds, fill the moulds with the melted gel using the dispensers, leave them to set for ten minutes and voila! Now you have glamorous little diamond decorations to stick to your cakes. Simply place a little bit of edible glue and stick. Easy!

See for yourself!


There’s no waste either – anything melted gel or finished diamonds you don’t use can be placed back into the pot to be used next time! Or maybe, if you’re not too keen on the diamonds, why not try out our edible pearl trays? It’s the same concept but with sparkly edible pearls instead of diamonds – a bold choice for any design.

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