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How to Make an Easter Bunny Cake with Spectrum Flow


Your favourite Spectrum Flow cake artist Ben Cullen, The Bake King, has been at it again, this time with an adorable Easter Bunny design to transform any Easter buffet or display!

If you’re not the chocolate type, or fancy a fresh alternative to your Easter eggs this year, why not substitute for cake? In this video, Ben shows us the process he used to create a stunning Easter Bunny using Spectrum Flow airbrush paints, and it’s an absolute masterpiece.

Ben begins by cutting and trimming his cake to the desired shape before covering with sugarpaste. He then uses a dresden tool to add outlines and detailing of the fur before modelling the feet, legs and ears.

Once finished with the shaping and detailing, Ben uses Spectrum Flow’s Pastel Matt Smokey Blue and sprays all over the fur to create a soft blue/grey shade. Then Matt Black is added to the pot to create a darker tone, which is used to add shading to the darker areas – under the chin, in the mouth, behind the feet etc. He also uses it to paint the detailing of the eyes.

After this, Spectrum Flow’s Baby Pink Matt is used to colour the inside of the ears and the nose, with Orange Matt and Leaf Green Matt being used to colour the carrot. Perfect!

See the full process in the video below.

Ready for Easter?