Eco Cake Cards

Completely biodegradable, our Eco Cake Cards are not only environmentally-friendly but also perfect to use as a base for fruit cakes and sponge tiers, typically used in between individual layers of stacked cakes.

These eco cake cards are a great alternative and replacement for poly-coated cake cards, being completely free of plastic content. Strong and sturdy, these cards are approximately 1mm thick and superb for their intended use. They’re also grease/moisture resistant, microwavable, freezer-proof and oven-proof.

✔ 100% Food Approved
✔ 100% Recyclable
✔ 100% Biodegradable
✔ 100% Compostable
✔ 0% Plastic Content

Available in sizes 4″-8″. Sizes 9″-12″ coming soon.

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