Edible Fabric Ruffle Tutorial with Ginger Bear Bakery

In this tutorial, Zoe Rees from @gingerbearbakery shows us how to create beautiful ruffles out of wafer paper.

You will need:

Multi-Purpose Edible Fabric Mix 78g
White Wafer Paper – Set of 12 x A4 Sheets
PME Circle Cutters – Set of 3 Sizes
Colour Mill Oil Based Colouring – Rose 20ml
Rainbow Dust’s Edible Powder Colour 2g
Hamilworth Florist Wire – Dark Green, 20 Gauge x 25

Products mentioned above are recommened, as used in Zoe’s tutorial. However, you can swap out where you see approprate with different colourings and powder colours etc.

Step 1

Mix the flexique as per the instructions on the tub. Then, add drops of Rose Colour Mill into the mix.

Step 2

Paint on one side of the wafer paper and allow to dry for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Turn over and repeat the process on the other side of the wafer paper.

Step 4

Dust the wafer paper with Rainbow Dust’s edible powder colour.

Step 5

The wafer paper will now have the hand feel of fabric – it can be draped and folded just like the real thing.

Step 6

Using a circle cutter, cut out 8-10 circles.

Step 7

Start by folding your circles in half, then half again.

Step 8

Thread a florist wire through the centre corner of the folded circle.

Step 9

Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all circles have been used.

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