Edible Glitter Squares

Add a beautiful glitzy finish with our edible glitter squares!


It’s all about the sparkle, wouldn’t you agree? We LOVE a cake with glamorous sparkly finishes, and with our edible glitter squares it’s never been so easy!

Edible glitter squares are perfect for sprinkling on top of your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other cakey goodness. But, for the ultimate glitter finishes, simply add some edible glue or clear piping gel to your sugarpaste, buttercream or royal icing finishes, then add your glitter squares.

See how it’s done in our short video!


It’s such a simple techniques that makes for amazing results, creating the ultimate cake centerpiece at any special event. Add glitter squares to wedding cakes to create elegance, to birthday designs for some extra added glamour, or even feature them on party cupcakes.

Better yet, our edible glitter squares are available in gold, silver and white – so no matter the style or design of your cake, there’s definitely room for some extra sparkle!




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