eeZee Dowels – Easy Cut


It’s time to get your cake ‘all dowelled up’.

It’s now eeZeeier than ever to support your cake tiers with our brand new range of eeZee Dowels.

eeZee Dowels hold a substantial amount of weight, providing incredible support for your higher cake tiers. This is because they’re made with an extra thick interior. They’re also smaller and more compact, meaning they pass through your cake more easily and take up less space.

You know it’s good when there’s more room for cake!

Better yet, despite their strength and extra thick build, they are super easy to cut. Unlike other dowels on the market, you can cut these eeZee Dowels to size effortlessly, even with standard kitchen scissors!

Of course eeZee Dowels are biodegradable, but they can be washed to reuse time and time again before the need to replace – saving you some extra pennies for other cakey necessities!


See how just eeZee peasy it is in our video below.


Available on our website now, at just 20p per 12” dowel
(+extra discounts for higher quantities)



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