Floating Cake Separators


One of our new favourites to come through Cake Dec HQ this week was our new range of Floating Cake Separators.

Now, you can create the most magical-looking cakes, with floating cake tiers! Well, kind of. 

With the illusion of floating comes a show-stopping masterpiece in which your cake is the life of the party, starting conversations among guest and catching eyes as they enter the room. In fact, these revolutionary cake stands will transform the way you display your cakes, taking them to an entirely new level. 

How does it work?

The idea behind this is to place the spacer between two cake tiers, and then to cover the arm of the stand on the side with decorative sugar flowers or foliage. This creates the illusion of the top tier floating.

Handcrafted from stainless steel, these spacers are incredibly strong. You do not need to worry about the arm/base of the stand from breaking or bending. They are specially made for this use intended. The spacers are slightly heavier than your average spacer, and so to ensure the lower tier can hold the stand, we would strongly recommend using a generous amount of cake dowels to fully support the weight.


What sizes are available?

There are three different sizes available, to account for various sized cake tiers. Sizes include:

6” Bottom Base with a 4” Top Base (4” Tall)
6” Bottom Base with a 4” Top Base (6” Tall)
8” Bottom Base with a 6” Top Base (6” Tall)


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