Happy Birthday Cake Lace!


To celebrate Cake Lace’s 6th Birthday this week, we’ve put together some very special sets and collections for all of you lace enthusiasts… as well as extra discounts on Cake Lace items such as mats, lace mix and decorative metallics, so when it comes to your favourites, you can bag more for your buck!

To help you make the most of our brand new special offers, we’ve combined them all into one blog post, so you can compare and decide which set is perfect for you.


Cake Lace Stencils Collection

RRP: £129.83

This Cake Lace Stencils Bundle is the ultimate stenciling collection, including our entire range of Cake Lace stencil sets. It’s perfect if you use stencils often and looking to expand your collection, and if you’re a fan of edible paint or airbrushing. With this set, you’ll have the perfect design for every cake project!

What’s Included?

Vivian Squares & Diamonds Stencils (Set of 2), Florence Birds Stencil (Set of 2), Amelia Flower Cake Side Stencil, Darcy Ballerina Stencils (Set of 3), Clara Swirls Cake Side StencilRosanna Roses Stencils (Set of 2), Sasha Stripes & Diamonds Stencils (Set of 2), Selina Ovals & Circles Stencils (Set of 2), Gilded Birdcages Stencils (Set of 3), Beatrice Butterflies Stencils (Set of 2), Vintage Trees Stencils (Set of 2), Sophia Flowers Stencils (Set of 3), Amelia Small Flower Swirls Stencils (Set of 2), Classical Ladies Collection Stencils (Set of 3), Whimsical Birds StencilScarlett Roses Stencils (Set of 2).



Mixed Mat Collection (Set of 20)

RRP: £548.80

As the name of this collection suggests, this bundle includes a mixture of 20 Cake Lace mats – including a wide range of styles and designs.

With this collection you’ll never feel a lack of choice again, as this set includes a mixture of 20 different Cake Lace Mats to enable you to expand your edible lace options. You will have a mat for every cake theme, design, event or special occasion – from weddings, baby showers to Day of the Dead and Halloween. The variety also includes various sizes – some large mats, some medium, some strips, meaning you’ll have the perfect fit for every cake.

What’s Included?

16 Mat Designs (Art Deco, Bonnie Baby, Damask, Day of the Dead, Eternity, Feathers, Fishnet, Juliet, Madame Butterfly, Pretty Paisley, Serenity, Snakeskin, Steampunk, Victoriana, Vintage Bows, Vintage Rose) and 4 Strips (Art Nouveau Hearts, Ophelia, Peacock, Tiffany).



Ultimate Mat Collection (Entire Set of 40)

RRP: £1075.60

And now a set for the Cake Lace super-fans… the entire set of 40 mats.

If you’re crazy for Cake Lace, use it all the time and want to build a huge collection of designs in an array of styles and sizes, this just might be the perfect choice for you. We know one thing’s for sure – you’ll never be stuck for ideas again with this massive collection. You’ll have a mat for every occasion, from weddings to Halloween.

Purchasing these mats individually would run your basket up to over £1000 worth of Cake Lace goodies – that’s a whole lot of love for Cake Lace! This set, however, completes your collection with a huge discount of just under 60% off!

What’s Included?

32 Mat Designs (Alexandra, Art Deco, Bells and Bows, Bonnie Baby, Butterflies Cupcake Wrapper, Damask, Day of the Dead, Eternity, Fantasy Flowers and Petals, Feathers, Fishnet, Floral Fern, Florence Flowers, Frozen Crystal, Hessian, Juliet, Madame Butterfly, Pretty Paisley, Opulence, Oriental Blossom and Birds, Ring of Roses, Rosie Cupcake, Sequins, Serenity, Snakeskin, Steampunk, Sweet Lace, Victoriana Cupcake Wrapper, Victoriana, Vintage Bows, Vintage Rose, Zahara) and 8 Strips (Art Nouveau Hearts, Broderie Anglaise, Fantasia, Goa, Ophelia, Peacock, Regal, Tiffany)


Ready to take advantage of our birthday sale?

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