Happy Sprinkles Updates

We know how much you love the Happy Sprinkles range, and so we thought we would update you on some of the changes coming up in the next few weeks.

The sugar gurus over at Happy Sprinkles have been experimenting with all things colour, expanding their master range and tweaking to perfect their existing mixes.

So, what’s changing?

Dancing Queen

The Dancing Queen mix is a sprinkling symphony in which one only wants to dance – it’s no wonder it’s one of our best-sellers. And now it’s even better, replacing the pink metallic rods with a glamorous gold to make the mix really stand out from the crowd.

Metallic Green Rods

Happy Sprinkles’ metallic rod range adds some serious glitz and glamour to cakes and cupcakes. Now this eye-catching green shimmer features a deeper, emerald-esque tone. It’s so elegant – we love it!

Colour Explosion

If you’re a big fan of the bright and colourful, you’ve probably tried out the amazing Colour Explosion sprinkle box. But now it’s bigger and better, with an 11th addition to the mix. The new box contains all of the original mixes, as well as edible gold metallic pearls.

Pink Dream

If you’re looking for pretty in pink, you’ll be pleased to know that the Pink Dream sprinkle box mix now has a new member of the family. Now with an additional sprinkle, you can get all the original mixes as well as edible pearlized pink pearls.

Blue Overload

For those with the cakey blues, we’ve got the sprinkles for you – and more. The Blue Overload sprinkle box also contains an extra sprinkle. The 11th sprinkle added to the box is a vibrant pearlized blue pearl to give you even more choice and variance across your cake projects.

Pure Metallics

Appropriately titled ‘Pure Metallics, this sprinkle box consists of a beautiful mixture of Happy Sprinkles in all their glory, but now with an extra-added sprinkle. Now, as well as the original compartments, there is also an additional section for metallic triangle sprinkles. So unique, and the perfect finishing touch to the collection!

Will there be changes to ingredients?

There may be changes to existing sprinkle mixes in regards to ingredients, allergens, and nutritional data. We recommend checking the product listing before ordering, and also the package labelling when your order arrives.

Will prices change?

No, prices will remain the same.

Will tubs sizes change?

No, the classic tub/pot sizes will not change. However, sprinkle boxes may vary slightly to account for the extra sprinkle.

Which version will arrive on my order?

Typically, we go by a ‘what you see is what you get’ method, and so the item displayed on the product listing at the time of ordering is the item which you’ll receive. However, there may be some crossover due to stock changes and website updates.

For any questions or queries, feel free to get in touch.











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