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How Much of THE SUGAR PASTE Do I Need To Cover My Cake?


When it comes to planning your next cakey masterpiece, it’s important to know everything you’re going to need – and how much of it! We’ve put together a handy guide to give you a rough idea on how much of THE SUGAR PASTE is required to cover your cake from top to crumb!

When it comes to sugarpaste or fondant, it’s sometimes hard to judge just how much is required for your cake, and there’s nothing worse than running out halfway through your baking sesh, or rolling too thin to make it stretch further!

For Round Cakes, you will need:

6 Inch – 400g

8 Inch – 620g

10 Inch – 875g

12 Inch – 1.2kg

14 Inch – 1.85kg

For Square Cakes, you will need:

6 Inch – 650g

8 Inch – 1kg

10 Inch – 1.3kg

12 Inch – 2kg

14 Inch – 2.7kg

Calculating the amount of sugarpaste needed isn’t an exact science, as it depends on how thick you want it to be, how good you are at rolling it out to the exact shape you need it, and how much excess you’ll have.

All measurements are approximate and may differ depending on the brand of sugarpaste being used. Some sugarpastes don’t roll out as thin as other brands, meaning more may be required. Our calculations are based on using THE SUGAR PASTE™


Top Tips For Flawless Cake Covering with THE SUGAR PASTE!

• Make sure to knead your sugarpaste until soft and pliable – this will allow your sugarpaste to become stretchy, easier to manage, and roll out further.

• Use some cornflour or icing sugar to prevent sticking whilst kneading and rolling. You could even use a rolling mat to minimise the mess. Psst, THE SUGAR PASTE Rolling Mat even has handy guidelines to make use of!

• To help you roll out your icing evenly, you could even use spacers or guide rings.

• Make use of smoothers to smooth out your sugarpaste whilst adhering to your cake. This will reduce the likelihood of any elephant skin, bumps, or tears, and leave your cake with a professional-looking finish. We recommend a set of 2, using one on top of the cake while smoothing down the sides.

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