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How to get a Cake out of a Cake Tin with The Cake Rubiks


Picture the moment. You remove your cake from the oven and, from the smell alone, you know it’s one of your best yet. Beautifully risen, the perfect colour – you’re ready to decorate! But then, as you try to remove it from the tin, everything goes wrong. Figuring out how to get a cake out of a cake tin without any drama is something every baker has to learn!

Luckily, today we’re joined by cake pro Sophie from The Cake Rubiks, who’s here to share her top tips and tricks! You’ll be removing your bakes from your cake tin with ease in no time when you follow her advice. Take it away, Sophie…

How to get a cake out of a cake tin

With the rising costs of ingredients and materials I wanted to share one of my little hacks so you can easily get your cake out of its tin without spending extra pennies on specialised products. The good thing is, you should have most of these items already in your cupboard! So although it might take a few extra minutes, in the long run you’re saving money – and every little helps at the moment. 

You’ll need: 

  • Baking paper 
  • Pencil 
  • Scissors 
  • Small amount of butter 
  • Kitchen roll 
  1. Start by tracing round the bottom of your cake tin onto the baking paper, making sure you’ve left enough room to cut around.
  1. Next, cut inside the pencil line. This makes sure no pencil or markings come into contact with the cake itself.
  1. You’ll then measure the width of your cake tins and use this as a guide to slice the baking paper into strips. Cut the strips in half as this will make it easier to line the sides of your tin without any bubbles or ripples. 
  1. Apply a light coating of butter to your tins with kitchen roll, ensuring you cover the sides well as sometimes the baking paper can rise with the cake batter.
  1. Adding the base liner in first, make sure this is in the centre. Now, taking the smaller strips, cover the sides of your tin.

And voila – you’re done! 

I know time is money, and money is time! But this little hack literally takes a few minutes and doesn’t require anything more than a roll of baking paper as opposed to purchasing multiple size tin liners or release spray.  

After doing some quick maths, I approximately line 150 6-inch tins using one 20m baking paper roll. Now that’s a LOT of cakes…  

And once your cake is baked?

As you can see, taking the time to do this before putting your cake in the oven means that once your cake is baked, it will slide easily out of the cake tin. The baking paper lines the sides of the tin, therefore it will prevent the cake from sticking. This will make your life oh so much easier!

Thanks so much, Sophie – we really appreciate you sharing your method with us. Make sure you follow Sophie at @thecakerubiks on instagram for more top tips and beautiful creations!

Additionally, if your tins are looking a little worse for wear, treat yourself to a new set. You can shop our range of cake tins here!

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