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How To Transport a Wedding Cake

Whether you’re planning to transport a wedding cake long distance or short distance, fully tiered or to-be-assembled, the thought of transporting our precious cakey cargo is a nerve-wracking thought and can go horribly wrong if we’re not fully prepared.

So with wedding season creeping up, and warmer weather soon upon us, we asked some of our lovely cakey professionals for their top tips in getting their bakes from A to B!

It’s All About The Base

A sturdy base is absolutely vital when it comes to transporting your cakes. Opt for cake drums over your standard cake boards, and ensure cake stands are strong enough to support your fully assembled cake.

For multi-tiered bakes, ensure you use plenty of dowels within each tier, especially the base tier to provide more support to the above tiers. You can also use internal structures to further support your tiers.

It’s worth considering a non-slip mat for your vehicle to place beneath the cake box to prevent it from sliding around when traveling. Such a simple and cost-effective way to keep your cake standing in one piece!

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Pre-Assembled vs Assembly at Venue

When it comes to assembling your cake, there are pros and cons to each method. Many cake artists prefer to perfect their creations at home before making the journey to the venue. Whereas others prefer to separate the tiers and construct their tiers at the venue.


✓ Save time at the venue
✓ Less distraction
✓ Less pressure from on-looking party guest

✗ Heavier to lift
✗ Tricky to maneuver
✗ More risk of tipping over during travel

Chill Your Cake

Whether coated in buttercream, royal icing, or fondant, a chilled cake works as a coat of armour. We recommend chilling your cake in the fridge for 24 hours before the journey, so slight bumps and touches won’t be noticeable and the cake will hold together much stronger while in transit.

How To Transport Your Wedding Cake In Hot Weather

As well as chilling your cake before traveling, you’ll also want to ensure your vehicle is cooled for at least 10-15 minutes prior with air-conditioning to make sure it’s cool enough for the cake. Place it away from sunlight (ideally protected with a sun shield) to prevent it from melting.

For those extra hot summer days, or for cake traveling long distances, consider using insulated transportation/cool boxes, and make use of freezer packs around the sides of your cake box.


How To Transport Your Wedding Cake In A Car

It goes without saying, that if you’re transporting your cake in the back of the car, you need to make sure you plan your trip and take extra care with the handling of your vehicle.

For quiet areas where it’s safe to do so, drive at slower speeds. Make sure you leave early to give yourself plenty of time. Avoid routes with speed bumps or sharp corners and tackle them carefully if unavoidable. Brake early and gently.

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Inspect The Area

You’ve made it to the venue safe and sound – awesome job! Don’t start unloading just yet though. Have a look round and check out the area you need to move your cake to. Check the area for bumps, trip hazards or high traffic areas before moving your cake. A quick trip into the venue can prevent awkward corners, difficult routes and fatal mistakes when it comes to getting your cake in final position.



It seems obvious but with so much to consider for your cakey masterpiece, it’s often a last-minute thought when it comes to packaging. When planning how to transport a wedding cake, this is a key consideration! Plan ahead to get hold of the best possible packaging for your cake, opting for cake boxes that are strong and stable so if something should fall on it, it’ll protect the cake.

Size is important too. Make sure you’ve got the right size box so the cake can’t slide around, but large enough so the cake doesn’t become squashed!

Think about how you’ll move it – make sure the cake is an ideal size to hold/carry or opt for a box that has carry handles to make it easier to lift.

Communicate with Clients

Before starting your journey, make sure you have the full address from your clients and you’ve checked the details on your Sat Nav or Google Maps. The last thing you want is to get lost with a wedding cake in the back of the car. It also means you can check road conditions before leaving and work out an alternative route in case you should hit traffic. As well as that, by communicating with your clients beforehand, you can arrange the best possible place to park when you arrive. The least distance to carry the cake, the better!

 We hope this post helped you feel more confident in how to transport a wedding cake! Good luck with your masterpiece – tag us on Instagram so we can see it!

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