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How to use Cake Lace – a beginners guide with Gerry from Studio 8 Cakes!


Curious about Cake Lace, but not sure where to start? This incredibly popular product can be a game changer for your cakes! Thankfully, we’ve got an expert here to share her top tips on how to use Cake Lace. Welcome to Gerry from @studio8cakes_limited!

All images in this post are of cakes made by Gerry.


My name is Gerry and I am the proud owner of a busy cake shop in South Liverpool, UK.  I am also the ambassador for the wonderful brand “Cake Lace”!

Cake Lace was created for the cake market over 10 years ago and it is still in my top five most used products in my shop. The large range of intricate lace designs means you are spoilt for choice when glamming up any cake, be it for a wedding, christening or birthday.  The designs mimic the art of royal icing work but without the hours of skilled piping that one would once need in order to accomplish an elaborate cake.    

It’s extremely versatile and easy to use. Best of all, its completely edible! 

The number one comment I get from people who have purchased Cake Lace from me at events like Cake International? How converted they were by how simple I made the process of making it. They haven’t looked back!

Here are some top tips for how to get the best results from Cake Lace:

Using the products


There are over 30 different mat designs to choose from, and Cake Lace also has it’s own specially formulated lace mix range. I highly recommend you use these as it’s tried and tested by professionals.

Cake Lace mix comes in two forms; premixed and powdered. The pearlised range is amazing; it allows you to create metallic coloured laces which simply can’t be mixed by yourselves. All of these are pre made so you just scoop it straight from the pot and onto your mats. The other type comes in a powder form and you simply mix with water and the supplied glycerine for 2 minutes and you’re all set. It’s that easy!  You can colour your white lace mix too using gel colours to create your own pastel shades if you like.

A top tip is to always prepare your white Cake Lace ahead of when you need it. Once made, the consistency is even better as the mixture has had time to develop. I always make a larger batch to begin with and store it in the original, air tight pot that it comes in. Once you have done this, it’s much more convenient for you to use in future and because it’s been whipped up already you’re more likely to use it.


Always store your made Cake Lace mixture in the cupboard at room temperature.  Do not pop them in the fridge as the humidity will spoil the mixture, causing it to go mouldy.


Cake Lace Application

Cake Lace needs to dry before you can peel and use it. 

You can oven dry your lace on a low heat or you can air dry.  Due to the fact that different mat designs have different levels of detailing, I prefer to air dry. This maintains the flexibility of the lace and stops discolouration / brittleness as opposed to oven drying.

To apply your lace to a cake, use a damp brush or steamer to moisten the sugarpaste on your iced cake, then wrap the lace round. It needs water to help it stick but be careful as too much water will cause your lace to disintegrate. It is edible after all!

Store all your dried lace in a plastic wallet and place in a dry cupboard at room temperature until you need it.  Again, by making these ahead of time and storing them in a plastic folder, you’ll soon develop your own catalogue of laces, that can be whipped out whenever you have a last minute cake or just to make any wedding cake less stressful. 

And that’s it! Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be using these all the time.  Check out the Cake Lace Instagram to get ideas of how other bakers have used it. It’s such a fun product and a game changer for wedding season. Happy baking!

Start your Cake Lace journey now!


Thanks so much to Gerry for those fantastic top tips. Isn’t her work stunning?

You can get started on your own journey to stunning lace covered cakes today. Shop the whole Cake Lace collection here, and share your photos with us on instagram!

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