King Pin is Back!


The ultimate life-saver of a baking tool is finally back in stock. It’s been a long time coming but it’s well worth the wait!

The King Pin Rolling Pin has been specially designed to alleviate the pressure placed on the arms and wrists when rolling sugarpaste or dough. It’s the perfect tool for busy cake artists, bakers with arthritis or injuries, or those who simply want to take some of the hard work out of rolling fondant and sugarpaste.

The first thing you may notice is the price tag, but the quality-cost ratio is absolutely justified when you get to work with your King Pin.


What makes the King Pin so great?


Easy Grip

The King Pin is a bespoke weighted rolling pin with static stainless steel handles on each side. When we say ‘static’, we mean the handles never rotate or move during use, meaning less strain on your wrists when rolling.


Every baker or cake artist knows the frustration that comes with a sticking rolling pin, and how everything seems to stick no matter how much flour or icing sugar you seem to use! With King Pin, the tool uses a free-flowing non-stick surface to prevent any sugarpaste or dough sticking to your rolling pin. It rolls like a dream!

Heavy Weight

Weighing in at approximately 3kg, you won’t find any need for blood, sweat or tears. It rolls out your sugarpaste smoothly and flawlessly without tiring out those muscles or putting extra strain on your hands and wrists. King Pin does all the work for you!


If you’re a busy bee in the baking kitchen, with lots of cakey projects on the go, then it’s vital to stock up on quality tools to make the process that little bit easier. Because of the heavier weight and non-stick surface, you’ll find yourself finishing up the hard part quicker, so you can get on with the fun part – decorating! Before indulging, of course.

Quality Made

As well as the non-stick surface and static handles, the King Pin also features a stainless steel column running through the centre, accounting for the extra weight but also extreme stability. This rolling pin has been designed to last through a life-time of cake decorating needs and musts, saving you the trouble of constant replacement and upgrades! You don’t get much better than this!


And of course, our wonderful customers love it!







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