Magic Colours: New Ranges Now Available



We’re happy to announce that we are now the UK’s main distributor for Magic Colours, and having fully updated our stock, we now have the full Magic Colours range of products available to order on our website!

This includes: airbrush paints, edible paints, flavour potions, lustre dusts, petal dusts, readymade icing, chocolate gels, choco powders, Bling Bling, pump dust, sparkle pastes, edible markers and more.

Below is a quick breakdown of our newly introduced range that are now available, so you can plan, prep and produce all things bright and colourful!



Bling Bling

Brand new, and one of our latest favourites, Bling Bling is an edible glitter that produces a sparkle and shine like you’ve never seen before. It’s perfect for adding a stunning sparkle and shine – no matter the theme, design or occasion. Add glimmer to wedding cake tiers, brighten up birthday cakes or make your party cupcakes dazzle.

Bling Bling can be used with sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, sugar clay, buttercream, royal icing, ganache, chocolate, cupcakes, macarons and so much more. It sticks to almost anything! Simply add a tiny sprinkle on your cakes for an elegant finishing touch or dry brushed straight on to your cake tiers.

Available in Gold or Snow White.




Edible Lustre Dusts

You can create pure luxury and sparkle for your cake and cupcake creations, using this elegant Lustre Dust range. These edible lustre colours are super easy to use, simply use a dry brush to add delicate accents of colour to your sugar flowers, models and more.

They can also be mixed with clear alcohol or rejuvenator spirit to create a vivid lustre paint.



Edible Petal Dusts

As bold and vivid as the lustre dusts, but with a softer matt finish, Magic Colours’ edible petal dusts ensure flawless sugar flower dusting and tinting for authentic floral designs. Brush directly onto your designs or mix with rejuvenator spirit, dipping solution or a high strength alcohol to form a paint. Also, as well as brushing onto flowers, it can also be used to colour sugarpaste, modelling paste and flower paste by kneading it in. 

And better yet, unlike many other dusts, Magic Colours’ Petal Dust can be used with chocolate.

Available in 22 different colours.



Sparkle Paste

Now you can get truly artsy with your cake decorating and paint some extravagant designs on your sugarpaste with the Sparkle Paste range. This versatile sparkle paste is perfect for hand-painting straight onto sugarpaste, modelling paste, marzipan and much more. Simply heat gently in a microwave until liquid and apply to your cake.

You can even use these bold and vibrant pastes to paint on chocolate, producing a solid layer of edible metallic coating.

Available in 12 different colours.



Edible Jumbo & Skinny Marker Pens

A superb choice for the Picasso’s of cake decorating, these double-ended edible marker pens include a broad tip on one end and a thinner tip on the other – perfect for decorating large surface areas as well as the finer details!

Marker pens are a great way to some finishing touches to your cakes, especially for writing names and messages. They’re ideal for both novices and professionals and much easier to write with compared to paintbrushes. Simply use as a normal pen and draw/write straight onto your sugarpaste.

Available in 11 different colours.



Flavour Potions

A little less colour and a lot more flavour, Magic Colours’ Flavour Potions will make your cakes and bakes tastier than ever! This large range of food flavouring can be used to flavour everything from buttercreams, cake mixes, sugarpastes and so much more. Simply add a drop and mix well (approx. 1-2 drops per 500g).

And you may be spoilt for choice, because there’s 39 different flavours to choose from! Stick to your classics with Belgian Chocolate, Just Apple or French Vanilla, or venture out and try something new – why not try Bazooka, Caribbean Rum or Southern Watermelon? Delish!


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