Smug As A Mug With A Cake

You may be fully stocked on the essentials, and so you should be during such unprecedented times, but if you’re feeling as though your options are limited when you get a sweet tooth, you’re not alone! That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favourite recipes for mug cakes! 

With a mug cake, you can indulge your chocolate cravings with the most basic of ingredients, and it only takes a minute to make. It’s the perfect solution for an after-dinner treat with the kids, especially with a Disney+ and Chill!

A Simple Ooey-Gooey Chocolate Lava Mug Cake

We love this simple chocolate mug cake recipe – it’s a true gem. It’s almost like cheating… you get a decadent ooey-gooey treat exploding with chocolatey goodness in less than a minute!

Find the recipe here.


Nutty For Nutella

If you’re as nutty as Nutella as much as we are, you’ll love this indulgent mix of chocolatey goodness, it’s chocolate cake but better. No, really.

Find the recipe here.


A Berry Tasty Twist

If you’re a fruity fan when it comes to your favourites dessert, you’ll be glad to know we haven’t forgotten about you. This simple fluffy cake is not overly sweet and is bursting with fresh blueberries.

Find the recipe here.


Choca-Blocky Rocky Road

Everyone’s favourite dessert just got easier. quicker, and just as tasty. So when that chocolate craving hits and you want instant gratification – try your hand at this 5-minute mug cake that’s sure to rocky-road your world!

Find the recipe here.


Mr Butter Lover

For all the peanut butter fans, you won’t want to miss out on this one. Chocolate and smooth peanut butter is a desert miracle that should be joined together in holy matrimony. 

Find the recipe here.


Creamy Sponge Plunge

Simple but absolutely delish, this creamy sponge mug dessert takes minutes to make but satisfies those sweet-tooth cravings in seconds.

Find the recipe here.


Coffee-Holic Mug Cake

The perfect fix for all coffee-holics and cake-lovers. Tea-enthusiasts also invited to enjoy this absolute dream of a dessert.

Find the recipe here.


Strawberries n’ Dream

Whether the cake, strawberries or cream is the dream, together it’s a full-blown miracle. This cake is also paleo, wheat flour-free and gluten-free.

Find the recipe here.


Carrot Live Without It

This super easy recipe for a perfectly portioned carrot cake can fix that sweet-craving in minutes. Sweet, cinnamon-spiced & topped with a cream cheese drizzle. Just 115 calories, too!

Find the recipe here.


Honey, You’ll Love It

“Sugar, oh honey honey.” Dive your spoon into this sweet Honey Mug Cake. A soft, sticky and gooey mug cake made with honey, then topped with a delicious buttercream frosting. A delicious cake in less than 5 minutes!

Find the recipe here.


Going Bananas

If you’re not bananas for mug cakes yet, try your hand at this one. Simple, easy, and delicious, this Banana Mug Cake is the perfect single-serving dessert to perk you up when your sweet tooth is calling!



Why not add some of our favourite toppings to take your mug cakes to the next level and create some rockin’ desserts?

  • Add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top and let it melt into your cake.
  • Sprinkle chocolate chips on top for the ultimate chocaholics.
  • Sprinkles marshmallows on top for extra sweet-stuff.
  • Add hundreds and thousands or jimmies for some fun and colour.
  • Dust icing sugar on top for a simple but elegant finish.
  • Spray some whipped cream on top – who’s calorie-counting here?

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