Not ones to rest on their laurels, the team at THE SUGAR PASTE™ have been listening to feedback from sugar paste connoisseurs and have been elbow-deep in sugar, working to perfect their recipe – and they’ve done it!

So what changes have been made?

The Goal:
• Make THE SUGAR PASTE™ stretchier, with a smooth velvet finish & longer working time.
• Improve consistency between batches, meaning you get the same amazing product every time you order.

The Method:
• Introduce a new process which replicates a perfect product every time.
• Purchase ingredients in bulk and perfect the formulation.

The Result:
Success! The new recipe now rivals the best on the market. It’s still super smooth and taste delicious. They’ve kept everything you love!

THE SUGAR PASTE™ White is available now in both 6kg boxes and 250g packets. The smaller packets are new and here to stay! They are a convenient option if you only need a small amount of paste. THE SUGAR PASTE™ in Ivory is going through final testing and will be available by the end of May.

THE SUGAR PASTE™ tells us they also have plans to release more new products this year so keep an eye on their Facebook page and sign up to our email >> so you’re the first to know the news.






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