Product Excellence Award – Finalists!


It’s our favourite time of the year, we’re up to our elbows in sugarpaste, preparing for cakes shows all around, from ExCel’s Cake & Bake Show to NEC’s Cake International – and of course, The Cake Master’s Awards!

This year, The Cake Master’s Awards pays tribute to the usual major categories, Best Retailer, Best Cake Artist, as well as new ones that include The People’s Choice Award (sponsored by us!) and the brand new Product Excellence Award (with both edible and non-edible categories).

And we’re thrilled to discover that two of our products have been shortlisted as finalists for the award – THE SUGAR PASTE™ and Spectrum Flow’s Wipeouts!




THE SUGAR PASTE™ is the perfect blend of great value and amazing quality.

Its soft texture makes it easy to work with, allowing you to roll it thin without cracking or breaking. It’s also the stretchiest sugarpaste we’ve used, so it’s really easy to cover cakes without being left with stretch marks, or that horrible elephant skin texture that you may get with some other brands.

THE SUGAR PASTE’s soft texture means it has a long working time, so you don’t have to worry about it drying out by the time you come to finish your cake. It also means you can smooth out any imperfections in no time at all!

THE SUGAR PASTE™ is available in 1Kg, 3Kg (3x 1kg) and a box of 6x 1Kg and each 1Kg comes individually sealed, that way if you don’t want to use it all at once, you don’t have to. Simply save the rest for your next cakey project!

Want to try it out for yourself? Get it here.



With Spectrum Flow Wipeouts, you never have to worry about making a mistake again, as these simple but effective food-grade wipes simply erase paint marks or smudges on your cake!

We appreciate how much time and effort goes into creating cake masterpieces, and just how devastating it is when easy mistakes are made. With Spectrum Flow wipeouts, the pressure is off and those easy-to-make mistakes are a thing of the past. 

Spectrum Flow Wipeouts can be used to wipe mistakes off your cake, including airbrush paint (ethanol and water-based), edible food pens, colour smudges and more. Wipeouts have been specially interwoven, designed to ensure no fibres are left behind on your cakes. They can be used to erase errors on various mediums, including sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, chocolate and more.

Want to try them out for yourself? Get them here.


A massive thank you is due to all those who voted for these products, and for us to bag the Best Retailer award! Fingers crossed!


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