Professional Micro Liner Brushes



These  2-in-1 Micro Liner and Round Brush duos have been specially designed with artists in mind, ensuring the most professional and show-stopping cake art.

Designed with both amateur and professional cake artists in mind, these brushes feature the finest tips to bring incredible precision to detail painting. They’re perfect for painting the most intricate details on your cakes where accuracy is vital. They’re especially good for detailing sculpted faces, including fine hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Beautifully made, these brushes are also a pleasure to use. With the light metallic handle, metallic cap and synthetic anti-shed hairs, these brushes provide a luxurious feel and ensure easy and comfortable use.


We’ve got seven different brushes available, varying in size, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect brush for your project. So, if you’re a keen cake artist with a love for painting, why not treat yourself and upgrade your baking toolset?



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