Roxy and Rich: The Difference Between the Dusts


The pinnacle of food colouring and cake decorating has been reached with this amazing range of colours from Roxy & Rich. From classic lustre dust, petal dust and  sparkling highlighter dusts to shimmering cocktails with spirdust, Roxy and Rich has you covered for all of your cake decorating needs.

Although, with all the choice, you may be wondering the best dust for the job. Here’s a quick breakdown to differentiate between the ranges.



If you’re looking for vivid and intense colours, Fondust is the way to go.

Fondust is perfect for colouring foods with a low water contents such as sugarpaste, and due to their immense concentration, they are excellent for getting the deepest reds, blues browns and blacks as well as the very brightest greens, pinks and purples. It’s perfect for colouring just about anything, except chocolate.

Best choice for bold, vivid colours
✔ Easy coverage
✔ Resistant to UV and doesn’t fade
✔ The only water soluble colouring that can be used in food
✔ Available in 39 different colours!


Highlighter Dust

The perfect choice for adding metallic highlights – essential for getting that authentic metallic finish for your decorations whilst still being 100% edible. It can be added to cake toppers, embellishments and edible jewellery to really give it that lifelike look.

Unlike other dusts it is insoluble in water and gives a very opaque, finish making it great for covering both edible and non-edible decorations, whether it is dry brushed directly on to your decorations or mixed with a high strength alcohol to form a paint.

Best choice producing edible metallic finishes
✔ Easy coverage
✔ Available in 13 different colours


Hybrid Lustre Dust

Roxy & Rich’s Hybrid Lustre Dust creates a supreme shine that is in a class all of its own.

This lustre dust is perfect for added the ultimate shine to cake decorations that need that extra glitz and glam. It has been uniquely formulated using a thin layer or food colouring and mica particles, with the intention to outshine any competition. This is because it provides amazing coverage unlike some others available that can leave small spots of the original colour showing through.

The best choice for an amazing shine
✔ Can be dusted or mixed with alcohol to form a paint
✔ Available in 47 different colours!


Hybrid Sparkle Dust

Hybrid Sparkle Dust is the ultimate route to pure glitz and glam.

With Hybrid Sparkle Dust, you can provide your cakes with a brilliant sparkling finish, and still be 100% edible. It’s a rare combination of intense colour and luminous sparkle that can usually only be found in non-edible dusts. But now your cakes can flaunt a metallic finish that twinkles in the light.

The best choice for adding a sparkling finish
✔ Can be dusted or mixed with alcohol to form a paint
✔ Available in 47 different colours!



Hybrid Petal Dust

Roxy & Rich’s Hybrid Petal Dust has been specially formulated to provide professionally flawless results for sugar floristry. The microcapsules of liquid colour allow shades to distribute evenly like no other dust available, making for amazingly easy coverage, whilst maintaining a beautiful matt finish to your sugar decorations.

The best choice for colouring sugar flowers and leaves
✔ Stunning matt finish
✔ Vibrant colour
✔ Amazing coverage
✔ Available in 60 different colours!


Sparkle Pump Dust

The Sparkle Pump Dusts give you that rare combination of a brilliant sparkle and that vibrant colour that Roxy & Rich are so well known for.

The sparkle dust can be used on almost any decorating medium including sugarpaste/fondant, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, buttercream and even chocolate! Better yet, it comes with an extra ease of use – simply push down the top to release the dust and provide a subtle sparkle with even coverage.

The best choice for subtle sparkling finishes and flawlessly even coverage
✔ Beautiful metallic glitter finish
✔ Can be used with any edible medium – even chocolate!
✔ Available in 16 different colours!


Fat Dispersible

Beautiful natural colours for chocolate and buttercreams.

Roxy & Rich’s Fat Dispersible Dusts are ideal for colouring chocolate and candy coatings, with intense vivid shades that are usually difficult to achieve. Better yet, it doesn’t alter the consistency of your chocolate either, or bleed into other colours!

Best choice for colouring chocolate and candy coatings
✔ Bold, vibrant colours
✔ Does not affect the consistency of chocolate, or bleed into other colours
✔ 100% natural (derived from vegetable and mineral sources)
✔ Available in 10 different colours!


Cocoa Butter

Use Roxy & Rich’s Coloured Cocoa Butter to ensure bold, vibrant chocolate creations for your cakes and other desserts!

Cocoa Butter from Roxy & Rich’s Collection are coloured using 100% fat-dispersible colours, and can be used and applied to various cake decorating mediums, from use in chocolate moulds, painted/applied with fingers to moulded chocolate, to colour melted white chocolate and airbrushing.

Various versions available, including our Natural Collection, Artist Collection, Gemstone Collection and Gemstone Pearl Collection.

Best choice for colouring chocolate
✔ Bright, vivid colours
✔ 100% edible
✔ Various types available (lustre, matt and metallic version finishes)



Make your cocktails and other beverages shine, using the Spirdust range from Roxy & Rich.

Spirdust is a shimmering powder, specially designed for cocktails, beers, wines and other alcoholic beverages. It also works in soft drinks. Simply sprinkle a few shots of dust into your drink glass and stir! Alternatively, you can add it directly to your cocktail or syrup bases.

Best choice for colouring drinks
✔ Available in shimmer or pearl finishes
✔ Multiple colours to choose from
✔ Will not alter the taste of drinks, or stain teeth
✔ 100% edible


Water Soluble Dusts

Give your cakes a burst of colour with our collection of Roxy & Rich Water Soluble Dusts.

This dust is 100% edible, and is the perfect choice to use for water-based food products, providing your creations with a stunning finishing touch and a gorgeous overall shine. It’s great to show off to the competition, as these products are more intense than your average colouring, providing the deepest hues and vibrant matte tones.

Best choice for water-based food products
✔ Vibrant and colourful finishes
✔ 100% edible
✔ Available in 20 different colours!


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