Ruby Azalina: Taste The Difference!



Go above and beyond with your next cake creation with the luscious taste of Carma’s Ruby Azalina.

Ruby Azalina is a true world first and in a complete league of its own – the secret being the rare ruby cocoa beans, which are harvested to unleash their naturally occurring color and fruity taste. Combined with Swiss milk, Ruby Azalina is a mixture of genius and chocolate pleasure, straight from the master’s hand.


So, what does Ruby taste like?

Ruby chocolate is an incomparable taste experience for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs, with hints of a fruity flavour mixed with delicate creaminess – and not forgetting the unique ruby colour itself! 

By carefully selecting the ruby cocoa beans, Carma unlocks the natural flavour of fresh ruby tones using a process that is the first of its kind in the world. Powerful aromas of red fruits create a unique taste with a pleasant hint of sourness – with absolutely no added colourings or fruit flavourings. Swiss milk is then added to give the Ruby Edel Couverture its creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture, guaranteeing the ultimate degree of refinement for both traditional and innovative applications.



Where does it come from?

The Ruby cocoa beans come from traditional growing countries such as Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast and are processed first-class in Dübendorf according to Swiss recipes. Sourced from sustainable cocoa with UTZ certification, Carma chocolate also ensures the principles of fairness and transparency for better farming and working conditions as well as better care for the environment.


What should I use it with?

Ruby Azalina is perfect for decorating cakes and adding a unique and indulgent taste. It’s also a superb choice for:

• Bars and tablets: plain, filled or decorated
• Bonbons: moulded / enrobed
• Panning
• Decoration on pastry
• Dipping of madeleines, croissants, cake pops, doughnuts etc.
• Plated desserts
• Apero treats with savoury
• Gelato-dipping & decoration

It also harmonises beautifully with….



Ready to taste the difference?



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